Bringing It All In House

Turnkey Solutions Give Manufacturers Control


Sometimes, outsourcing a manufacturing application makes sense. Applications that are used infrequently, have little impact on throughput, or are just too complex to bring in house are logical candidates.

But when an application is integral to a manufacturer’s efforts, outsourcing can negatively impact cycle times and jeopardize quality control. In these cases, in-house processing should be considered; with ILT, bringing an application to your floor is easier than you might think.


A globally recognized manufacturer of pressure and vacuum switches frequently relied on laser welding but consistently outsourced the application to various contractors. Why? The expectation was that bringing laser welding in house would be too difficult.


ILT provided a turnkey solution: a custom system, powered by ILT’s HMI-2200 laser system controller, that was designed around the customer’s parts and shop floor environment. The system was delivered with turnkey programming for their family of parts, critical process parameter monitoring, and unique pressure sensing technology for part quality feedback. The system passed complete production testing at ILT and hit the customer’s floor ready for production.


The ILT-provided system produced welded parts to the customer’s exact specifications. It also gave the manufacturer complete control over its production schedule. By bringing laser-welding processing in house, the manufacturer enjoyed reduced cycle times—and more control.