Precision in Systems and Service

When it comes to laser systems, you have high expectations. So do we.

Improved yields. Higher throughput. The right laser system can bring these benefits to your floor. Attaining the right solution, though, requires precision in the development of your system — and trust in the people who build it.

For more than a decade, Innovative Laser Technologies (ILT) has designed and built advanced laser systems for use in high-precision manufacturing. Globally recognized for its laser integrations, ILT develops both custom and standard laser systems that perform high-precision welding, cutting, marking, drilling, cladding and material ablation.

The precision and excellence of an ILT laser system results, no doubt, from the technical expertise of ILT engineers; their knowledge of laser physics, optics, mechanical and electrical engineering, and software-based control systems is unparalleled. But the excellence of an ILT laser system is also the result of pride in service—from development to support.

For immediate support on your existing ILT system:

Phone: 763-231-0783
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (CST)


Career Opportunities with ILT

Senior Laser Applications Engineer

“Of the five laser companies I have worked with, ILT is by far the best. They are much better when it comes to customer service and workstation ease of use.”

D. A., Manufacturing Engineer – US Medical Device Manufacturer