Experience Synchronized Control

How Many Processes Can Your Control Software Manage?

HMI-2200 is ILT’s proprietary control software. What sets it apart? Why is it regarded as the best in the industry? HMI-2200 allows for complete—not piecemeal—control of the various software and hardware components integrated into your system. Best of all, HMI-2200 can control all of these elements from one interface—not a dozen—giving your machine operators unprecedented efficiency and control.

No more toggling back and forth between your auxiliary devices and your command center. No more switching windows when you need to direct your laser software and then your support gases. Manage all your processes from one interface.

“As an engineer, I really like the ILT’s customization capabilities. The workstations we have from other vendors do not have that capability.”

D. A., Manufacturing Engineer – US Medical Device Manufacturer

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Not All Control Software Is Equal

With HMI-2200, you can:

  • Control processes from one central programming location
  • Access all status information within the system
  • Set and confirm process variables
  • View flexible and dynamic screen layouts that are scalable and user dependent
  • Upgrade and expand processes with ease
  • Experience robust user account validation and password control
  • Enjoy customizable user accounts, groups and permissions
  • Use Data Management Workbooks for data storage
  • Keep time-stamped traceable data records
  • Run comprehensive machine vision packages and integration
  • Integrate multiple laser types
  • Allow two-way data exchange via Remote Data Interfacing technology
  • Leverage our electronic HELP utility for application and code syntax

HMI-2200 Screen Layouts


Computer and UPS back-up power supply system mounted to the table frame with a stationary bracket.

Computer and UPS back-up power supply system mounted to the table frame with a stationary bracket.

The Right Hardware for Your Floor

Industrial computers are built for use on factory floors and other harsh environments. Unlike office and personal computers, these systems are designed to withstand shock, temperature, vibration, humidity, EMI, RFI, dust, mist and splash.

To meet our customers’ needs, we use computers with industrial grade reliability, lengthy product life cycles, and localized customization services.


  • Long life support cycles (5 year product life cycle)
  • Computer components designed specifically for industrial use
  • RAID Disk Drive Configuration for maximum up-time
  • CPU Board easily field replaceable
  • Individual spare parts available