Integrating with Your Environment

System Flexibility, Powered By Software


Thirty years ago, systems were islands; one did not talk to the next. Today, manufacturing floors are more integrated. Cloud-based scheduling software can incorporate activities across any number of machines—providing improved efficiency and control.

This integration, however, is often challenging. The various systems on any given floor can be incredibly unique; integrating them can test the strongest of IT teams. Some system providers cannot assist in this integration; ILT makes it possible.


In 2011, ILT built a custom system for a medical device manufacturer. Two weeks out from the delivery date, the client asked that the system be equipped to communicate with its in-house, cloud-based scheduling system—a specification not included in the original contract or budget.


ILT engineers leveraged the flexibility of HMI-2200, ILT’s proprietary control software, to develop a quick and straightforward integration solution. This custom solution ensured that the new system could integrate with the client’s existing scheduling software. 


The ILT solution brought the new system online without increasing the originally agreed upon budget or schedule. Additionally, the software solution was version insensitive, providing flexibility and long-term utility to the manufacturer. ILT adapts to back-end uncertainties in ways that other system providers cannot, given the inherent flexibility of its proprietary software.