Better Input, Better Output

Control Input Variables to Improve Yields


Photos courtesy of Coherent

All manufacturers seek improved yields—no matter how high their current rates are. That’s because every part that must be reworked or scraped is an unwanted expense on an already costly process.

Here’s the good news: manufacturers can reign in these costs and improve yields by enhancing the level of control they can exercise on their machines during production. When every relevant input variable is controlled and monitored, throughput and yields improve.


A leading manufacturer of life sciences tools had considerable laser processing experience. But the input-variable controls on its existing systems were not optimal; as a result, its scrap rates and cycle times weren’t optimal either.


ILT designed and built a custom system for the manufacturer that incorporated process variable control and monitoring, including delivered laser power, welding shield gas flow, part feature location and targeting. The system also provided calibration routines for each of the process variables that could be executed at varying intervals based on the customer’s needs. This level of control and data collection enabled the customer to improve yields immediately.


On its very first day in production, the system performed magnificently; the manufacturer’s part processing time went from 18 to 2 minutes. By enhancing the level of process controls during production, yields improved and scrap rates fell.