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Reliable Lasers, Superior Control

At Innovative Laser Technologies, we design and build reliable laser systems for some of the largest, most sophisticated manufacturing companies in the world. Why do these companies choose—year after year—to process their applications on our systems? Because the software on our systems ensures superior control of the process.

Our Control Software

Leverage HMI-2200

Unrivaled in the industry, HMI-2200 is ILT’s proprietary laser system control software. HMI-2200 is fully validated by ILT and provides the foundation for turn-key programming of any laser application, including welding, cutting, ablating, drilling and marking. HMI-2200 also offers part traceability and material handling.


Laser Applications Enabled by HMI-2200

Laser Welding

laser welding
From high-power to micro welding.

Laser Cutting

laser cutting
Any material,
any shape.

Laser Drilling

laser drilling
Shallow angles,
any size.

Laser Ablation

material removal.

Laser Cladding

Direct metal
deposition (DMD).

Other Applications Enabled By HMI-2200

Resistance Welding

Resistance Welding
Weld using the electrical
resistance of materials.

Photos courtesy of Miyachi

“The design of the workstations offers us a lot of flexibility. After years of service, we can upgrade the workstations to take advantage of new technologies without the investment of buying new machines.”

William L., Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Device Manufacturer, Puerto Rico

Options for Integration

Vision Locate | The use of vision for rapid feature finding and part positioning.

Material Handling | Automated pick and place, pallet shuttle and conveyer systems.

2D-Barcode | Capable of marking and reading 2D barcode images.

Integrating the Right Laser

What’s the best laser for processing your application? It depends on all the elements that make your manufacturing needs unique. In an ILT system, you can be sure the best possible laser solution will be integrated for the process at hand.

Laser Attributes
  • CO2
  • Yb Fiber
  • ND: YAG
  • Direct Diode
  • ND: YV04
  • ND: YLF
Wavelength (nm)
  • 9,300 – 10,600
  • 1070 – 1080
  • 266 – 1064
  • 808 – 976
  • 355 – 532
  • 263 – 349
Power (watts)
  • 25 – 6000
  • 50 – 11000
  • 3 – 600
  • 5 – 25
  • 3 – 7
  • 200mW – 3

Need Tooling Design?

If you don’t already have tooling designed for your application, ILT can assist in the design and manufacturing of custom tooling.

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