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Recognized as a world leader in laser integration, ILT designs and builds advanced laser systems for use in high-precision manufacturing. Established in 1998, ILT develops both custom and standard laser systems that perform high-precision laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking, laser drilling, laser cladding and material ablation for clients in the medical, automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.

Precision in both development and service is powered by the technical expertise of its engineers; their knowledge of laser physics, optics, mechanical and electrical engineering, and software-based control systems is unparalleled in the industry. ILT systems are designed, built and supported by a team with more than 200 years of combined experience in laser systems integration. The integrity of an ILT system—and those who built it—is unmatched.

“ILT’s engineers work with us just like they are part of our own engineering team.”

S. W., New Product Development and Design Engineer – Power Systems Manufacturer in the US

Human-Powered Precision

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David Billings

Mechanical Engineer

David embraces new challenges, both at ILT and outside of work, where he is a Martial Arts Master instructor in Tai Chi Chuan and Soo Bahk Do, with a 6th Dan Black Belt. Although he’s recently been busy replacing the wood floors in his home, David also enjoys camping and canoeing trips in the Boundary Waters.

Derek Kranig

Senior Electrical Engineer

In all of his endeavors, Derek is the consummate builder. At ILT, he recently completed a new robot interface for an automated welding system; outside of work he restores and shows classic cars. When he’s not building things, Derek enjoys drag racing and playing hockey, and even participated in the U.S. Pond Hockey Championship.

Felix Lin

Mechanical Engineer

Felix likes developing high quality laser systems that deliver successful outcomes for ILT and its customers. A passion for success is part of his life outside of work, too. As an avid skier, he travels West twice each year for ski trips. He also enjoys mountain biking and plays tennis, where he holds a USTA ranking of 4.0.

Scott Smalley

Assembly Technician

Scott’s talents were recently showcased via his role in the creation of a complex glass drilling system that makes a product used in biological diagnostics. Described as hard working and patient, Scott’s strengths are also on display in his role as the manager of several residential properties. When he’s not working, Scott enjoys working on and racing his ’68 Camaro.

Software Support & Training

Our technicians provide unparalleled, Internet-based software support to ILT clients worldwide. Additionally, throughout the year, ILT engineers conduct training sessions that help clients leverage HMI-2200 — ILT’s proprietary, Microsoft-tested control software.

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